Bloodhammer and The Shackled City

Lifes Bazaar: Session 6

Joel: Ilmier 3rd Wizard Scott HW: Talendar 3rd Paladin Luke: Gegnar 3rd Barbarian Andrew: Groanmar 3rd Cleric

Firstly, let me apologise for not completing the last update. I had the best of intentions, but the last session was a little haphazard in that the party covered a lot of ground and I lost track of what happened, particularly without the recording.

In summary, the party had a couple of encounters primarily with:

  • a broken automaton
  • a bizarre rag-creature that attempted to suffocate Vesshye (was this in the last post?)
  • some monstrous centipedes in a fog filled room

At the end of the session, it became apparent that Gegnar’s hands – like Ilmier’s – had disappeared. Furthermore, Ilmier became incapacitated and had turned completely invisible. Ilmier’s clothes and possessions were still visible but his body was not. Given that Ilmier could not walk unaided, the party decides to return above ground to Cauldron.

Incapacitated The party return to the Church of St Cuthbert in order to determine and cure the affliction affecting Ilmier and Gegnar. In order to hide Ilmier’s affliction, Ilmier covers his exposed parts in dust. This works marginally and with the hood of his cloak raised, it is sufficient to pass a cursory glance without raising concern.

The party arrive at the church, and find Thomas waiting. Thomas, eager to help runs off to find Jenya who is still away on business. Algar eventually returns with Thomas, and despite his doddering and procrastination, casts Remove Curse. Ilmier becomes visible and his reduced Charisma returns. Ilmier is now fully recovered. Algar has only one Remove Curse available and in order to cast it on Gegnar, the party must return the following day. The party sleep in the city and return to the church and Algar successfully heals Gegnar. This allows the party to return to Jzaridune.

Another Foray into the Dark Returning to Jzaridune, the party investigate the departure of two humanoids that were traversing the first room in Jzaridune heading to the south. The humanoids cannot be found and nor can any trace of their passing.

Coming down the first flight of stairs, Ilmier detects a secret door. Opening the secret door, the party finds a 20 foot long passageway that does not appear to go anywhere. The party discovers a secret door at the far end of the passageway. Tal and Gegnar walk to the far end to investigate, and trigger a trapdoor. Falling into the trap door, Tal and Gegnar take damage from falling into the trap and from acid in the bottom of the trap.

Ilmier casts Bull Strength on Groanmar and Groanmar pulls the two out of the trap with a rope. But now the open trap stands between the party and the secret door. Ilmier conjures a shadow bridge which Groanmar runs across and pushes the door open. The door bursts open and waiting on the other side are two hobgoblins.

The party bursts through and wail on the two hobgoblins. Gegnar decapitates one hobgoblin with a mighty blow while he is in a barbarian rage. Ilmier has caused the other to become unconscious due to a Colour Spray spell. The hobgoblins are standing on a large disk which operates as an elevator. The party pull the lever next to the disk and descend into the Malachite Hold.

The Malachite Hold The party arrive safely 200 feet below their starting position. They open a door which leads from the elevator shaft and enter a long room which has two cages hanging from the ceiling (both empty) and a strange statue which has four points extending from it, covered in crystals.

The party move to investigate the statue and as they draw near, it animates and attacks Tal. In the process, it attempts to slash at Tal. The party commences their attack on the creature and manage to destroy it. It is peculiar in that it appears to be composed of earth or clay as well as the crystals that cover it.

The party move on to the next room, which contains 4 braziers and a 9 foot statue of a dwarven hero. The statue is draped in a chain which is covered in blades and hooks. Also in the room are 2 sets of double doors, each being guarded by 2 hobgoblins. The party immediately move to take out the hobgoblins which occurs quite quickly.

Curiosity gets the better of Tal and he examines the chain. The chain immediately animates and attacks Tal with 3 slashing strikes. Tal and the party take out the chain creature successfully.

Ambush The party head to the south through the double doors as the northern double doors are barred – which the party takes as an omen to beware. Opening the southern double doors opens into a long twenty foot wide room. At the far end, two hobgoblins wait. As soon as they see the party, one of the hobgoblins yells “Kronmar!” and they knock arrows in their bows and start ranged attacks.

The party responds with ranged attacks and Gegnar, the first to respond runs towards their foes. After 40 feet, a trapdoor opens below his feet and Gegnar falls into the pit and is impaled spikes at the base of the pit. The two hobgoblins start to throw javelins down at Gegnar. At the same time, 4 more hobgoblins appear on the northern side of the open pit trap (the other hobgoblins are on the southern side).

The new hobgoblins engage the party with range weapons and wait the party to move towards them. It turns out that there is a reason for this. Ilmier moves towards the 4 hobgoblins in order to “Sizzle” them with the wand of burning hands. In the process, another trap door opens and Ilmier narrowly manages to escape the trap door.

Now the party is separated by two trap doors. Gegnar manages to climb out of the trap and attacks the southern hobgoblins. He is felled by a hobgoblin and lies prone on zero hit points. Using Benign Transposition, Ilmier is able to use his familiar to move Gegnar back to the rest of the party. Groanmar heals Gegnar who returns to the fray.

A vicious battle ensues and for at least half of the combat, the hobgoblins remain untouched. Once a blow is made against the hobgoblins, the tide of the battle turns. This occurs primarily when the battle changes from a ranged to melee battle. Eventually, after a lengthy combat all 6 hobgoblins are killed.

Mention must be made of Groanmar’s tenacity. He tenaciously attempted to attack and hit but the rolling gods were not with him. One well placed natural 20 managed to hit but other than that, Groanmar had little luck. Better luck next time Groanmar!



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