Bloodhammer and The Shackled City

Lifes Bazzar Session 2 Part 2

The Descent into Jzadirune

They head back to Keyghans locks and begin their descent. The stairs descend with a number of 90 degree turns. During their descent, they can hear birds chirping and the sounds of giggling coming from the base of the stairs. Morriel descends into the room at the base of the stairs to find a number of copper masks in the shape of happy Gnomish faces placed around the room. Further to that, 2 four foot round doors are in the south wall as well as a passageway heading to the west. One of the doors has been wedged open and the other is closed. Both have a different glyph on the front of the door as well as a small hole which is in the shape of a diamond.

Morriel checks for traps on the way to the doors, while the PC’s investigate elsewhere in the room. One of the masks animates and starts to speak, welcoming the party to Jzadirune and forewarns them of great danger. Morriel does not find any traps and the party further investigates the doors, ever mindful of the riddle they encountered in the last session that mentioned doors with teeth. Certainly the door that has been wedged open appears to have teeth of sorts.

True to his nature, Gegnar steps through the open door into the room beyond. A lurking Skulk is waiting for the unsuspecting Gegnar and manages a successful surprise attack. Gegnar manages to move from his position that is blocking the doorway and responds with a melee attack while the other PC’s enter. Gegnar is sure that he hears the sound of other footpads running across the room towards a makeshift 5 foot tunnel that has been cut into one of the walls.

The party manage to dispatch the Skulk but not without some serious damage. They decide to return to Keyghan’s store, approach the clerics of St Cuthbert for some healing and rest for the night. The night passes without incident and they return below the following morning.

Returning to the same room, they find the room empty with the exception of some Gnome sized cots and a 1 foot rod that is on the ground, with one end that is illuminated weakly. The PC’s are unsure what the rod is for and why it is on the ground. But Morriel knows one thing – it is his. If he does nothing else in the entire campaign, he has a rod! The PC’s investigate the Skulks body and find nothing.

Gegnar investigates the burrowed tunnel and discovers that it provides and alternative method to traversing the passageways. The PC’s decide to work their way to a large room that contains 8 columns, depicting Gnomes holding up the ceiling. They walk cautiously down the room, which is immense in both length and height. Towards the far end, they are attacked from the darkness by crossbow bolts. They cannot determine where the bolts have originated from. Vesshey charges forward and attacks blindly into the darkness and flukes a lucky attack on an unknown assailant in the darkness. Gegnar follows suit and misses. Amendir fires off a bolt into the darkness (followed by comments about firing magic missiles at the darkness) and Morriel goes on the defensive and hides.

The two Skulks hiding behind the final pillars are dispatched and the party reforms. More investigation identifies a fountain with fresh water. Investigation in the rubble near the burrowed tunnel finds a 5 inch rod that contains a glyph which appears to match the glyphs on the round doors.



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