Bloodhammer and The Shackled City

Lifes Bazzar Session 2 Part 3

Problematic Doors

The party decides that it might be more sensible to follow the as yet, uninvestigated passageways. Following one of the passageways takes the parties to a long north/south passageway. The PC’s being to realise that the map they discovered in Keyghan’s Locks is in fact the same as the area they are investigating.

They decide to attempt to open one of the locked doors. They had already tried to pick one of the locks without success. Trying a more direct approach, the two barbarians join forces and attempt to roll one of the doors open.

Herculian efforts do not go unrewarded. Well, initially anyway. The door begins to roll open. At the same time, 3 jets of flame blast the party from above the door. Amendir and Morriel take damage serious enough to floor them, one of which is Amendir the only healer in the party.

The party decides, wisely not to attempt to force any more of the circular doors. The two characters can be stablised and using healing potions provided by Jenyna at the Church of St Cuthbert, the party is fully healed. However only one healing potion remains.

(DM: My poor memory – in fact this is where the characters return to Jenya for healing and provide her with an update on their progress)

When the PC’s return Jazridune, they discover that the map that they have been following differs slightly at the end of a corridor. They follow the corridor to determine why a wall exists that doesnt appear on the map. On the way to the wall, a pit trap opens and Gegnar falls onto a spike at the bottom of the trap.

After climbing out of the pit, the PC’s investigate the wall. The wall in fact is an illusion and the PC’s are able to put their hands through the wall. They walk through and discover a room that has a map similar to theirs carved into a wall.

The Plays the Thing The PC’s discover that the burrowed pathways are an effective way to circumvent the dangerous doors. They find a number of rooms that contain the remnants of a once great Gnomish community.

In one room, they find a series of pews that are set up in front of a stage. While investigating the pews a Gnome appears on stage and begins to speak to the party. In fact, it appears that the Gnome is performing to them. As the party watches, it becomes apparent that they are witnessing a play which is a love story about two starcrossed Gnomish lovers and a wereboar that comes between them.

The party attempt to engage the players on stage, but they do not respond to any questions or threats. Vesshye decides to engage the players and walks up on stage. As she does so, a tentacle flies out of a trapdoor in the middle of the stage and latches on to Vesshye.

The party goes into offensive mode and manages to cut the tentacle that is holding Vesshye. A Choker, hiding in wait under the stage jumps out of the trap door and is taken down by the party.

While the melee occurs, the play carries on. It is an illusion.

The Sleeping King The PC’s enter a room that has a series of tiers with stairs connecting them. At the top tier is a throne. Sitting in the throne is a Gnomish king snoring quietly. Morriel sneaks up to the 1st tier which is directly below the King and a stone face in the wall. As Morriel passes the stone face, it speaks asking for the “highest coin” as a tribute to the King.

Morriel is unsure, but continues to sneak up to the sleeping King. In the meantime, Vesshye places 1 gold coin in the mouth of the stone face but nothing seems to happen.

Morriel examines the King and notices a small compartment in one of the arms of the throne which is partially covered by the King’s arm. Morriel attempts to open the compartment and in so doing, notices that his hand passes through the King. The King is an illusion. Inside the compartment Morriel finds some gold (76 gold pieces) and 2 rods that have glyphs similar to those found on the circular doors.

Encouraged by their new find, the party forges ahead attempting to find any rooms that have a glyph similar to the keys they have found. They open a number of doors all of which contain inconsequential items, most of which have been ransacked.

The final room for the night contains a creature that is wearing a wolfs mask and a “wolfs cloak” as you might imagine from a costume in a play. Strangely, the creature underneath is invisible. As the party enters the room, the creature attacks without hesitation. A mightly blow from Gegnar (DM: a critical at last!) with his Great Axe deals 30 points and slices the creature in twain. Huzzah!



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