Bloodhammer and The Shackled City

Lifes Bazzar Session 3

Session 3: Wednesday 17th of April 2008 Attendees Scott HW: Talendar Tal – 2nd Level Paladin Damien: Vesshye – 2nd Level Barbarian Hodaka: Amendir – 2nd Level Cleric Joel: Ilmier – 2nd Level Wizard Dave: Geraldo – 2nd Level Sorcerer

Session 3 Part 1 DM: Due to unforseen absences, the party members have been different for every session so far. Rather than attempt to work the character absences into the story every week – which requires preparation and some game time – we decide to commence with the party as is in order to get into the game asap. Due to some delays and attendance confusion, the game doesn’t really commence until around 8:30pm (the 49 minute mark in the mp3).

Hidden Treasures The party are in a small room which is split into sections: a ground level and a loft area which is accessed by a ladder. The room has been ransacked but the PC’s do manage to find an empty map case (of this we are certain) and some candles. A wand found in an earlier is identified by Ilmier as a Wand of Secret Door Detection. Huzzah!

The party decides to move further east into the complex. The party, wary from unfortunate accidents falling into spiked pit traps tie themselves together with a rope. This seemly over cautiousness actually manages to save Tal from falling and taking damage from yet another spike/pit trap.

The Fountain…of Doom! Following the passageway brings the party to a vaguely hexagonal room which contains a fountain in the middle of the room. The fountain has water falling into it from a hole in the wall above. The hole is in a vaulted ceiling roughly 20 feet above. Most noticeable about the room is that a large spider web has been built in the vaulted section of the room. Hanging from the ceiling above the fountain is a cocooned humanoid, presumably captured and stored by a spider. However no spider is visible.

Ilmier and Vesshye head into the room and Vesshye peers over the lip of the fountain. Inside the fountain is crystal clear water. While examining the water, a huge (well, monstrous actually) leaps out at Vesshye and makes a surprise attack. Fortunately the spider fails its surprise attack and missed Vesshye, landing on the ground. Vesshye attempts to attack and hits doing minor damage. However the spider is dispatched quickly with the party weighing in and Tal dealing the primary damage.

Two more tiny spider fall from spinnerets in the ceiling and attack Vesshye and Tal. Problems ensue when Ilmier attempts to attack the spider on Vesshye after Vesshye fails to grapple the spider. Once again, the party weigh in and have problems hitting the nimble spiders. Eventually the spiders are dispatched and the party attend to the humanoid.

In the process of attempting retrieve the body, they discover that the water in the fountain is an illusion. The large spider was concealed beneath the illusionary water. A number of methods are employed when trying to retrieve the body from the cocoon. Eventually the body of a Skulk is bought to ground by burning the webs. The party find some silver and gold in a pouch as well as a gray river stone.

Ilmier recalls some of the details of the Skulks and their society and shares this information with the party. Known as voracious, merciless killers Ilmier decides to have nothing further to do with the corpse.

Ilmier decides to use the Wand of Secret Door Detection and manages to locate a secret door. The characters open the door and find themselves at back of the room in which the session commenced. The party decides to head north from the room with the fountain and locates another door that they possess a key for. They open a door and discover a “talking chest” that has a rat in a cage placed a top it.

Tremoden the Luggage (ok, chest) The characters talk to the chest and discover its name is Tremoden. Tremoden has been tasked with serving its master. Tremoden informs the party of the hobgoblin attendants that occasionally come through the room as well as its knowledge of the Skulks that have been abducting people from Cauldron. He also knows his masters name which is Kazmojen. Kazmojen is the master of the Malachite Stronghold. Tremoden does not know where the Malachite Hold is.

In exchange for rations held by the party, Tremoden agrees to allow the PC’s to take Starbrow the rat, Keyghans’ familiar.

If you cant stand the heat… The party continue their investigations and happen upon an abandoned kitchen. The kitchen contains a dilapidated cabinet, a hearth, shelves and tables. Vesshye heads towards the hearth and two small creatures wearing all black leap out of the hearth to attack. One of the creatures (who have black cloven feet), manages a critical hit on Vesshye.

The party engage in melee with Amendir performing a telling blow to head of one of the creatures with his warhammer. As one of the creatures is mortally threatened, it seems that the creature becomes indistinct and wrapped in a vapour of blackness. Ilmier, having little else to do tosses an alchemists fire at the creatures. The target is hit and is immediately aflame. The second monster is hit by radiating flame and dies immediately. The creature on fire eventually dies from being immolated.

‘Ware the Cube Further exploring takes the party to the south of a large dining room. The southern exit is in fact a 5 foot wide opening. As the party haven’t seen something so simple, they are wary. Will the walls slam shut as they try to pass through them? Is there something waiting on the passageway on the other side?

Vesshye and Tal jump through the opening and respectively face east and west in anticipation of a threat. They take a step in their respective directions and Vesshye walks into a Gelatinous Cube.

Vesshye is absorbed into the cube but manages to stave off paralysation. However valiant attempts to grapple out of the cube repeatedly fail. The rest of the party close in on the creature and commence their attacks. The conscious Vesshye continues to take damage as the rounds pass and begins a barbarian rage.

The increased hit points save Vesshye but not before Amendir attempts to assist Vesshye by applying a Cure Light Wounds through the cube. However Amendir is also absorbed by the cube, his spell is ruined and he becomes paralysed. Things are not going well.

The remaining party continue to attack the cube and finish it off with what has become Geraldo’s signature move: a single magic missile. Vesshye and Amendir are freed from the cube and healing is applied. Amendir’s paralysis soon wears off and he is able to assist the party.

Grick Pets The party decides that discretion is the better part of valour and beat a retreat back to the surface. Along the way – at the last room in the dungeon – Vesshye happens across a hobgoblin that has 2 Grick on a leash. The moment the hobgoblin sees Vesshye, he releases the Gricks and they approach to attack.

The party move to engage and manage to dispatch the Gricks without taking damage. The hobgoblin attempts to throw a javelin at Vesshye but misses. When the hobgoblin sees the Gricks killed he turns and runs.

Vesshye and Amendir follow. As the hobgoblin runs down a passageway, Amendir fires off an arrow and successfully hits and kills the lone hobgoblin.



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