Bloodhammer and The Shackled City

Lifes Bazzar: Session 4


Luke: Gegnar 2nd Level Barbarian Scott HW: Talendar 2nd Level Paladin Joel: Ilmier 2nd Level Wizard Damian: Vesshye 2nd Level Barbarian Andrew: Xsubrox 2nd Level Cleric

DM: What a session. It really felt like things ran well last night. Some nice surprises in the game and some not-so-nice.

Return to Cauldron Due to the limited resources a 2nd level party have at their disposal, the PC’s decide to return to Cauldron above and rest for the evening. However they have grave concerns about Skulks returning to Cauldron and carrying out their abductions.

First things first: the party heads to the Church of St Cuthbert where they find Rufus at the front desk. Rufus is the cleric of St Cuthbert that the party rescued in the first session of the campaign. He is very happy to see the party and agrees to alert Jenya to their presence. Jenya, the Head Cleric of the Church returns quickly with Rufus. A discussion ensues in which the party learn that Jenya (also known as Gaylord due to SHW’s poor memory with names) knows nothing of a Malachite Hold or the history of the Gnomes in Jzaridune.

Despite Jenya’s lack of knowledge of the Underdark, she does possess healing skills which she happily shares with the party. She also refills 3 of the healing potions provided to the party on their initial visit.

The party agrees to visit Keyghan in the adjacent Militia barracks. They front up to the desk clerk and ask for the Captain of the Guard. The Captain arrives shortly after and agrees to allow the party to visit Keyghan. He and another solider accompany the party on their visit to Keyghan. On their approach to the cells, Tal attempts to Detect Evil and discovers that they are not evil. Phew.

Keyghan is cowering the back of his cell, and looks worse for wear. He looks gaunt, tired and depressed. They party ask him for any information that he can provide regarding the abductions as well as any information about the Malachite Hold. Keyghan knows nothing of the Malachite Hold and appears sincerely remorseful about the trouble he has caused.

The party attempt to use Starbrow, Keyghan’s familiar as bargaining power to illicit more information from Keyghan as they suspect complicity on Keyghans part. However, it seems that Keyghan is in fact a victim of blackmail, providing access for the Skulks to ensure the safety of Starbrow.

The party returns Starbrow to a grateful Keyghan. Returning Starbrow bolsters Keyghans courage and makes him more rebellious. The party leaves Keyghan behind, finding out no more than they already knew.

Montoring Keyghans The party decide to rest at Keyghans, setting up an Alarm spell and a watch throughout the night. This is in order to catch the Skulks coming through the secret door or at least prevent them from executing more abductions.

2 hours into their sleep, the party is awoken by a ringing alarm and the smashing of wood. The front door is bashed in, as as the party awake they see two large humanoid figures breach the door. The creatures are so large, they can only enter sideways one at a time. The party attempt to respond as quickly as possible.

As they rise from their bedrolls, the creatures take an attack of opportunity and Gegnar cops a wallop from a Great Club weilded by one of the creatures. Another blow from a Great Club brings Gegnar almost immediately into negative hit points. He is on deaths door and languishes as the party continues their melee.

Subsequent attacks along with an assist from Ilmier (as he had not completed resting, he had no spells available to him) take down the two ogres. The ogres have their faces painted in half white and half black, similar to the thieves from the parties very first encounter.

Gegnar is bought back from deaths door. The party check outside the building to confirm there arent any more assilants, and none are found. In order to ensure their safety, the party retreat to the Church of St Cuthbert.

Back to the Church When the party arrives at the church, it is late and an initiate by the name of Thomas is stationed at the clerks desk. Thomas recogises Tal as a Paladin of St Cuthbert and is immediately star struck. Thomas only wants to make Tal happy and enjoy his company. In time, this becomes wearing for Tal but for the moment tolerates the attention.

The party find their lodgings and bed down for the night with Thomas’ face the last face they see before resting. Of course, Thomas has spent the night waiting for Tal’s return and is half alseep when Tal strides out. The party receive healing from the clerics of St Cuthbert and return to the dungeon below Keyghan’s Locks.

Return to Jzaridune The return to Jzaridune is uneventful and the party head immediately for the area where they encountered the Gelatinous Cube. Nothing can be found in the area due to more locked doors for which they do not have a key.

In the first room of Jzaridune Ilmier discovers a secret door (DM: now I am rolling well for Ilmier’s innate secret door detection). Heading through the door takes the party to a small passageway and yet another secret door. After opening the second secret door (into a ransacked armoury) Ilmier discovers a peculiar physical trait he now possesses. His hands are transparent. Along with this comes a wave of nausea which passes but Ilmier never feels quite as well as he did previously.

After some discussion, the party returns to the surface to consult with Jenya (Gaylord) at the Church of St Cuthbert. Unfortunately Jenya is not available and after a commotion by acolytes of St Cuthbert – cries of “undead” and “ghost” after seeing Ilmiers affliction – Algar, an aging cleric assesses Ilmiers affliction. He is certain it is magical in nature but does not have a suitable curing spell to try. He requests the party return the following day to attempt to cure Ilmier. The party return (again) to Jzaridune.

Heading north, the pass through a room that contains a forest complete with sunlight streaming through the trees. The party follow one of the cut passageways and head north. They come out in a long room which appears to be empty. However the moment Gegnar enters the room, he hears a cry in an unknown language followed by running footsteps leaving the room.

Gegnar attempts to pursue but as he crosses the room, he is pummeled by a metallic fist. The metallic fist belongs to an machine that was previously concealed and has now sprung to life. The fist is more like a hammer that is part of the machines arm. Gegnar returns the attack in kind but it is not sufficient to disable the machine, despite delivering a mighty blow.

The rest of the party close to attack and in so doing, make themselves targets for a sonic blast that issues from the machine. Some are stunned and while all take damage. The machine is dispatched and despite the best efforts of the party, nothing can decerned about the machine.

The party forges on to where they suspect the footfalls headed and arrive in a oddly shaped room containing several doors. Ilmier discovers a secret door and in the process of investigation, is attacked by a humanoid creature that was hiding in the darkness. He wears blakc robes and a hood but is larger than the other creatures seen so far. Ilmier is hit by a short sword that is poisoned, taking hit points and strength damage from him. The creature calls out in an unknown tongue and shortly after, 4 more of the smaller creatures appear from the north to aid him.

As the party close to attack, magical fog appears from nowhere and the assailant disappears. Ilmier draws a wand of Burning Hands found earlier and speaks the command word “Sizzle” and ignites the four creatures. Two immediately run, one expires on the spot and another attempts to grapple Xsubrox unsuccessfully.

Gegar runs after the two ignited creatures but loses them around a corner. After killing the remaining creatures, they continue further north to a large forge room. Four forges are situated around the room. Adjacent to each forge is a drum containing putrid water. Tal has a stroke of genius and pushes over one of the drums and looks inside. For his trouble he finds another door key with a new glyph.

Ilmier finds another secret door, through which the party passes. This leads to a short corridor with a northern corridor. Gegnar and Tal head up the path and are attacked by spears from the walls. Gegnar takes a hit and Tal quickly drags Gegnar out of the affected area.

The party continues west and finds another secret door that leads to a room that contains a loom and 3 spinning wheels that spin of their own accord. This spooks the party and despite their efforts to understand the mechanism by which they operate, they leave the spinning wheels a mystery.

The Great Room and its doom The party move into a cavernous room which appears to be a tribute to Gnomish ingenuity. A great cog hangs from chains above the room and two landing straddle either side of the room. They can be accessed from spiral staircases on either side of the room. The party decide to ascend the western stair case. They soon realise that some of them may live to regret this decision.

Following the usual marching order, Xsubrox is the last behind Ilmier to ascend the stairs. He feels a sudden tug as he is grasped by a tentacle and pulled away from the stairs. He takes damage and is paralysed. The party turn to see a creature floating in the air that looks like a giant brain with no eyes, a beak and 8 tentacles below it. One of which holds a paralysed Xsubrox.

The party “leap” into action litterally. Vesshye attempts to climb down from the top of the staircase in order to get a clear shot at the creature. Unceremoniously, Vesshye falls and takes damage. She draws her bow and begins her attack. Gegnar takes a more direct approach and leaps from the staircare, sword raised high for an attack. Sadly Gegnar’s heroism does not pay off with him landing squarely on the ground with a thud, also taking damage. Ilmier runs down the stairs, and aims the wand of Burning Hands at the creature gambling on Xsubrox survivng the flames.

Exceptional damage from Burning Hands and ongoing damage from the creature takes Xsubrox beyond the point where he can be healed. Xsubrox, held, paralysed and on fire expires in a Grell’s tentacle.

The Grell is bought down by arrows and with it comes the expired body of Xsubrox.



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