Xsubrok Uezz

Eye Color: Pale Blue, Hair Color: Silver


HP: 9 AC: 15

Greatsword +1 (+3, 2d6+3) Morningstar (+3, 1d8+3) Composite Longbow (+2, 1d8) Sickle (+3, 1d6+3)

Light Wooden Shield

Deity: Kord – God of Strength Easygoing Xsubrok is naturally friendly. Others feel comfortable around Xsubrok but this trait also makes it more difficult for you to be pushy or suspicious.

Benefit You gain a +1 bonus on Gather Information checks.

Drawback You take a -1 penalty on Intimidate checks and Sense Motive checks.


Back story: Xsubrok is one of the plane touched. When people are around him, they feel better about themselves as he exterts a positive influence. He is tall and handsome and clearly touched by something divine. Despite being high minded, charismatic and a do-gooder, he is very personable. He is relaxed and does not take anything too seriously. However when pushed, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Grew up around performers and outgoing people. Very personable and curious. Likes to talk and ask questions.

Xsubrok Uezz

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